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Forever Home at the Gem Village

Gem Village is a u​nique place that will provide an entirely handicap accessible village for our children. Every detail of the village has been carefully planned in order that each Gem can reach their full potential. Our precious Gems finally have a place to call home!

Gem Village is situated in the beautiful countryside outside the major city of Kampala, Uganda. The move to the country provides our Gems with clean fresh air their compromised bodies needed so desperately. Too often our children ended up in the hospital with compromised respiratory problems. Clean air will no longer be the issue!

We are excited to be in the first phase of building a fully accessible community for our Gems with special needs! Gem Village has beautiful sidewalks where our Gems are able to move and stroll freely between accessible homes. A village with truly no limits! We want our Gems to experience a fully accessible world.

We give our Gems every opportunity to fulfill their God given destiny. This village is designed and built with our Gems in mind. It’s one of a kind village that will include a medical clinic, school, church, administration building, and volunteer housing.

Gem Village Timeline

DEC 2016 We set out and raise money to buy 88 acres outside of Kampala, Uganada

DEC 2017 We set out with a goal to raise $300,000 to build our first 3 homes at The Gem Village

OCT 2018 We break ground for sitework, and are expecting the land-moving equipment to arrive soon

JUL 2019 We break ground for the first three home

DEC 2019 Construction is wrapping up we raise the money to buy the final items needed for us to move in

JUL 2020 We moved our 47 children home to their fully accessible homes in Gem Village. The excitement was contagious and the joy and freedom they experience daily a delight.

OCT 2020 We are in the finishing stages of completing the Medical Clinic. The Medical Clinic consists of three wings, General Medicine, PT & OT, and Nutritional. Our Gems will have the best care to give them everything they need to heal!

JAN 2021 A few of our children are reaching the age of 18. Legally, at 18, children must leave their children’s home and girls and boys must be separated. To address this we are building two assisted living homes in 2021 one for our young ladies and one for our young men! We seek to provide a safe place where our Gems can grow, thrive, and reach their full potential by learning life skills and becoming independent! Forever home!

Parrtner with Us

Click on the blue link to donate in Canada. You will be redirected to TGCF website to make your donation. Please note that donations of $50 or more will automically be sent a tax receipt. If your donation amount is less than $50 (accumulative for the calendar year) and you would like a tax receipt please request one in the comments section on the donation page.

Please make cheques payable to The Great Commisson Foundation and write: Help The Gems 423-1 in the notes section. Please mail your cheque to: The Great Commission Foundation

Bay 3 - 1335 Trans Canada Way SE, Medicine Hat, AB T1B 1J1

Please click on the black link for donations from the USA.

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