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(noun) a precious stone, especially when polished


Every child with special needs is a Gem from the heart of God therefore: 

*We will rescue the abandone​d Gem, restore their God given value, and release every Gem into their God given destiny.

*We rescue abandoned and neglected orphans

*We restore their infinite God given value

*We rehabilitate with PT an OT. (​We restore health to our Gems through physical therapy & occupational therapy

*We release them into their full potential – at Gem Village, rehomed, or adopted.


We envision a world where no child with special needs is left behind.

Each and every child deserves a safe, loving home and we envision a Uganda where that will happen.

A Safe Home for Children

We are a family home and a safe place for abandoned, neglected and/or abused children with special needs. Over the last 6 years we've had the joy of caring for more than 70 children with special needs.

In Uganda and many parts of the world children with special needs are considered a curse, unwanted, unloved and often abandoned. We want to restore that value and share with the world the infinite worth of each precious Gem!

Our Incredible Team

We have three homes that have been uniquely designed to be fully wheelchair accessible. Each home in our Village cares for 16 children in a family style setting with each group of "Gems" having nannies who work in shifts around the clock to care for our Gems.

Our staff includes nannies, nurses, cooks, caretakers, physical therapists, occupational therapists, social workers, administration, Security guards, drivers, farm manager and supervisors who all work tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure our Gems have the best care possible!

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